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1st Time Homebuyers

The Mortgage Credit Certificate is a Federal Tax Credit program for 1st-Time Home Buyers in Colorado. This Certificate provides a continuing tax deduction for mortgage interest paid.


  • This 20% “Dollar for Dollar” deduction is IN ADDITION to the normal itemized 
    interest deduction
    rate for the remaining 80% of your mortgage interest. 
  • This Tax Credit will continue as long as the home remains your primary residence. You must owe Federal Tax to take the deduction. However, you can carry the Tax Credit forward for up to three years. 

  • 1st-Time Home Buyers who meet the income and home purchase price limits and meet the requirements of the mortgage loan

Down Payment Assistance Programs:

We have numerous programs available for down payment assistance from El Paso County Bond to Rocky Mountain Community Land Trust. Contact an Air Academy FCU Mortgage Loan Officer for all the details.



Call or email an Air Academy FCU Mortgage Loan Officer
for more details. 719-264-1207