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Electronic disclosures with an eSigning option (on most mortgage forms) can make the mortgage disclosure process easier and is a secure way to receive and return your loan disclosures and any requested documentation.


Below are the instructions for completing electronic loan disclosures process, once you have received your disclosures.

If you prefer, video instructions are available by following this link  Click here to watch a video 

After you have logged in to your account. Three sections of documents will appear,

The first section
is for documents to review, but which do not need to sent back to us.

The second section contains the eSign buttons, Please click the eSign button(s) and accept or decline the “consent to receive forms electronically” page(s). There will be a separate eSign button for each borrower, they all must be clicked and the consent form answered to continue using eSigning.  You can then eSign the disclosures and they will automatically be returned to us once all borrowers have eSigned. (NOTE: Both borrowers (if they appear together on the loan application) can each sign their separate sets of eSigned disclosures on the same log in screen, or through separate log in screens)
(If you experience problems eSigning your documents using Internet Explorer, please switch
 to another internet browser, i.e. Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome etc.)

The third section is for forms you must print out, sign and fax (a fax cover sheet prints out with the forms and if used, will transmit your fax directly into your loan file in our system) - or scan and upload these items. They cannot be eSigned.

The "Upload" section is for uploading documents to us. You may use this section to upload income and asset statements, etc.  You can also upload the signed and scanned forms you printed from the third section and any other paperwork you want to provide to your Loan Officer.  This online uploading section will automatically transmit your uploaded documents directly to your loan file. This is the most secure way to transmit your personal documents to us and ensure your documents are received.

Note: We do not recommend emailing documents to us that contain your confidential information on them, without using a “secure” email system. (A secure email system sends a link to the recipient, that directs them to a website that requires a password to access the secure information) If you wish to email some items to you Loan Officer, we suggest having him or her send you a secure email that you can use to attached your documents to and send back. It is not a requirement of AAFCU to send your documents securely to us, but we do want you to be aware that unsecured emails are not invulnerable to interception. Faxing your documents to us, using the fax cover sheet that prints out with your section three forms is secure and will place your faxed transmission directly into you loan file in our system.

   Our Mailing Address:
   Air Academy Federal Credit Union
   Attn: Mortgage Division
   9810 N. Union Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80924

 If you have questions or concerns about this process please contact the Mortgage Division Information line at 800-223-1983 ext. 1130