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Why Use a Credit Union?

Why Use a Credit Union for a mortgage loan?

Credit unions are key element in a community’s mortgage lending resources. As a credit union, we are securely positioned to serve Denver’s and Colorado Spring’s home mortgage and refinancing needs for a long time to come.
Our Credit Union Loan Officers Are Mortgage Specialists.
Our credit union loan officers specialize in the origination of residential home mortgage and commercial mortgage loans. By obtaining your purchase mortgage or mortgage refinancing through Air Academy Federal Credit Union, you are able to obtain mortgage insurance rates that are far less expensive than the banks or mortgage brokers can offer you.
As a credit union, we can find you the best home mortgage package from many secondary market lenders. By combining professional expertise with direct access to many mortgage and refinancing products, our loan officers provide you the most efficient way of finding mortgage lending tailored to your particular financial needs and goals.
How Do Our Loan Officers Help You?
In the constantly changing mortgage lending market, our credit union loan officers’ experience and knowledge of current FHA and VA requirements, state and federal lending regulations, and available home loan packages, offers you security and peace of mind. Our mortgage officers escort your home loan application through the entire process.
Our loan officers wade through the mountains of mortgage rate data and home loan options, research current market conditions, and find you the most accurate and up-to-date information to assist you in finding your best home loan option.
Let Us Handle the Details!
There are many variables affecting the outcome of your mortgage transaction. Our loan officers act as your main point of reference working with your title and escrow company, real estate agent, appraiser, credit agency, our underwriting staff, our in-house loan processors, attorneys, and any other services that may affect your transaction.
Air Academy Federal Credit Union loan officers:
  • Discuss and explain home mortgage program options,
  • Inform you, in writing, of lock-in options,
  • Explain the loan process, from application to closing,
  • Explain all documents included in the loan application,
  • Explain the closing costs of the loan application,
  • Explain the home loan’s disbursements,
  • Provide you with a good faith estimate of cost and fees, and,
  • Communicate with you throughout your loan process in a timely manner.
  • Coordinates the final closing of your transaction
Contact our loan officers to see how quickly we can help you obtain your home mortgage or mortgage refinance.